In the future, you deserve not to be forgotten.

Why should I sign up?

If we go back to the time of the primitive man, we will see that he was constantly trying to find a way of remembering and registering his experiences and experiments. In time, he discovered the art of drawing pictures of various objects and of his thoughts on the walls of caves and on stone. By and by he came up with words, and later with characters which enabled him to write things down. He wanted to pass on all that he had experienced, in order that the future generations may benefit from them.
And a final word on the subject: you must have noticed that many people like to inscribe their names anywhere they can; for example, when they go on a picnic they carve their names on tree trunks; this is a simple attempt to achieve immortality!
“My Tale” is not really about science or psychology. It simply indicates the human desire for immortality. It gives you the chance to immortalise yourself by using the internet and website services.
However, we have still not really dealt with one question!
There are many rich and famous people who can immortalise themselves much more easily by publishing their biographies or memoires. You might have even been better than them, had you been given the opportunity; or perhaps you did have the opportunity, and missed it. Now this is your chance of presenting yourself to the world through “”.
It does not matter whether you are famous or not; if you are not, you can increase the chance of making yourself famous; and if you are already famous, you can write about your life in our website, but this time in your own words!

What “My Tale” does:

“My Tale” is a website that enables you to make yourself immortal and to present yourself, your works, and your skills; and to make up for any missed opportunities; in other words, it is your life as a web-page! People breed, live and die. It's a normal process, but many have left nothing worthwhile behind, except for their bones and their heritage. No matter whether you are a famous person or not, just sign-up and immortalise your life, easily and fast!
Now you can:
- Write your own biography so that other people can read it,
- Find your old friends and read how life has treated them since you last saw them,
- Keep in contact with your family and friends more easily,
- Reveal some of your life experiences or just write them down to immortalise them,
- Think about yourself more deeply: who you really were/are,
- Have fun in your life, and with other things that you may find in the web-site,
- Present your work,
- Read other people’s biographies
And a great deal more... .

"My Tale" is a web-site in which all human beings are equal and valued, regardless of their race, nationality, religion, beliefs, standard of education, wealth, or any other human facets. We are all human, and as such, all equal.

Security and Privacy:

Everything that you have in your account will be safe and secure. You can even have privacy in every single word that you write down, by specifying what you want to reveal to others, and what you wish to keep hidden just for yourself!

How to Login and Sign-up:

Home page is a simple page and it is where you can Login (sign-in) to your account by entering your e-mail address and your password (on top of the Home page); or you can sign-up to make a new account easily and fast! You can also make an account for a deceased person or for someone who is not able to do so himself.

Contact us:

You can contact us by sending us an e-mail: And finally tell us what you think about the design of the website.

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